Happy Holidays! 

I am taking a break and going to New Zealand for January and February. 

There will be no classes from 20th of December – 1st of March.

I will offer some free content in the first week of January. If you want to know more please sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Stay well and have a great time.  

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Yoga in your Workplace

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Professional Development through Yoga, Embodiment, Mindfulness

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I always thoroughly enjoy Luisa´s classes. Enjoyable and challenging and I always feel great after I´ve left the mat.
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Luisa is my favourite teacher – her classes are physically engaging and very relaxing at the same time!
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Luisa´s Monday evening class leaves me feeling rested and centred. I look forward to the peace it brings me.
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Refreshing, dynamic, interesting class, challenging at all levels.
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Meet Luisa

  • Cats are my spirit animals: they are graceful, smooth, playful, and gentle, and they are masters of both speed and relaxation and know the right time for each. Often they are my inspiration for movements I teach in yoga classes.
  • I love being active. I normally sit on my yoga bolsters when I work on my PC, I love rolling around on the floor and using creative ways to move my body. Next to yoga, endurance sports are my go-to activity. I have run several marathons and finished two middle distance triathlons. Picking a goal and striving to achieve it is a big part of me.
  • I am a mum of a little girl. Rebecca makes me see the world through a mindful lens. She teaches me to pause and truly see what’s around me. 
  • I sing when I cycle: I love singing and humming, I believe it keeps me healthy. I have sung in several choirs over the years, and joined the Victoria Park Singers when I moved to London 7 years ago.
  • Teaching yoga makes me happy. When I teach, I tune in to the moment fully. It creates an inner flow state for me, where I can forget about everything apart from creating the best possible experience for my students.

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