1-2-1 Stretch & Strength


Who takes private yoga, stretch and strength classes with me?

You will have your own reasons why you are looking for some extra attention in working with your body. Tell me about it and we can see how I can help you to feel and move better.

I work with a bunch of wonderful people. Here are some examples of what they are looking for when they choose to work in 1-2-1 classes with me.


I work with runners, cyclists, and triathletes who are looking for stretching and strengthening routines to improve their performance.

Recovering from injury or pain

For people who are recovering from injuries, a private class allows for more individual attention the opportunity for specialised exercises to improve an aching back, knee, or full-body wellbeing.


I work with couples who want to spend time together while stretching and strengthening their bodies. Partner yoga poses can be a nice way to experience connection, share kindness, and feel supported.

Small Groups

Practising in your living room with some close friends or your partner can provide an oasis of calm in the middle of your busy week. I work with a group of mums and sometimes we even have a toddler playing on the carpet next to us. It’s easy going and relaxed.

I did my 5k time trial on Friday. 2nd fastest time ever! I’ve been training hard, but our yoga and movement classes are totally making the difference. I’m strong, more toned and more confident. So thanks.
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Since working with Luisa I have built strength and flexibility in my knee and ankle - both recovering from injury. She has taken care to design sessions specifically to focus on these areas. As a result, I am now pain free and able to enjoy other activities that depend on a healthy body: skiing, cycling etc.
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What you'll get


You’ll gain confidence on and off the mat.


You’ll challenge your body and mind to achieve your goals.


You’ll learn to listen to your body and increase body awareness.


You’ll experience deep and refreshing relaxation.


You’ll have fun on the mat, as every class will be different!

How will i help you?

You can get in touch via email and I will schedule a phone call or meeting to chat about your situation, needs, and goals for private classes with me. I recommend booking a bundle of 5 classes so that we can work with a specific goal in mind, and you can find out if you enjoy working with me. We will agree dates for the sessions and you’ll receive an invoice that needs to be paid in advance.
All classes will be individually designed for your specific needs and goals.

Where will we practise?

I work with clients in East London and I am happy to meet you at your place. If you don’t have space, you’re very welcome to come to my place, 3 min walk from Mile End Station. We have a light and airy living room where we will practise together. In summer we can also meet in the park. You will need a mat if we are meeting at your place.

What does a private class cost?

Class prices start from £50 per session for off-peak (during the day and lunch time/bundle bookings) and from £55 for peak slots (mornings and evenings) depending on location and number of people.