Professional Development through Yoga, Embodiment & Mindfulness

What is it about?

Yoga is not just about postures, flexibility, and relaxation: it’s a holistic way of getting to know yourself better, it helps to reflect on your personal patterns and grow from there to master your life with ease. My professional development workshops tap into the power of yoga by using Embodied Yoga Principles postures, mindfulness, and meditation practices to connect with yourself and your current life situation. In contrast to regular yoga classes, in these workshops we talk to each other, reflect on personal patterns and give support. It’s always a lot of fun. People leave empowered and inspired to experiment with new ways of dealing with everyday life stresses.

what ARE the workshops?

Here are some examples of workshops I have delivered in the past:




Focus & Concentration

Patience & Kindness


Become aware of your needs and find ways of nurturing yourself, so that feelings of burnout stay far away from you and you remain inspired and healthy.


Learn how to use embodied mini-breaks to boost your energy during your workday.


Learn body postures to boost your confidence and deal with nerves before a conference talk or important meeting. Learn to stand up for yourself and your needs and feel empowered through your body position.

Focus + Concentration

Using mindfulness and centring practices to let go of distraction and avoid procrastination.

Patience + Kindness

Identifying when we get impatient, identifying the areas of the body that get tense when we are impatient, and using this knowledge to develop kind responses rather than impulsive reactions.


I have paired up with a scientific writing coach to deliver a unique retreat!

In this 5 day online retreat you will have time to focus on your PhD thesis as well as practising yoga.

Kerstin will give you input on how to overcome writer’s blocks, finding your personal writing strategy and address structure and style conventions of scientific texts. Furthermore there will be plenty of time to sit down and actually write in company with your co-participants.

Luisa will lead you through energising yoga classes in the morning and teach relaxation techniques to unwind at the end of the day. We will use yoga and embodiment to reflect on where you are at with your thesis and how you can move forward with your work.  

What You'll get


  • Five focused days of writing your thesis
  • Individual strategies to overcome writer’s blocks
  • Strategies on planning scientific texts
  • Strategies to achieve good scientific style
  • Strategies to avoid procrastination
  • Individual peer – feedback on your work
  • Movement to feel good in your body
  • Tackle unhelpful self-believes
  • Learn to relax and unwind after a long day of work

Cost & Dates


15th – 19th of November 2021,

08:00-16:00 (UTC)


online on Zoom



save 10% by booking directly on my website. 


At the moment all of my classes are taught online due to Covid-19 restrictions: which also gives us the chance to connect even if you are not London based!

I’ll come to your organisation or workplace to deliver the workshop or course. You will need a room that is big enough to move around; ideally chairs and tables are pushed to the sides of the room. Participants will need to bring a mat and wear comfortable clothes.


Prices depend on the workshop or course you want to organise for your group. 1.5-hour workshops start from £80. Please get in touch and we can discuss what you are looking for, so I can create the perfect offer for you.


Have a quick look at some sessions in action