Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Luisa

Vinyasa Flow means continuous flowing movement in connection with breath. My classes are equally about stretching and strengthening. We start with a body and breath awareness practice that will help you focus on the now and let go of anything else that is occupying your mind. My classes are physically challenging, interesting and fun. At the end of each class you will get a well-deserved relaxation.

No class on Monday the 31st of May.

Single drop-in online on zoom £8

When are the classes?

I normally teach morning and evening classes in venues in East London. However due to Corona Virus all of my classes are happening online at the moment via zoom calls. Please have a look at my schedule and current offers here. 

How much does it cost?

You can book a bundle of 2 weeks online live yoga with me. This offer includes 8 vinyasa classes and 2 mindfulness meditations for £20 and gives you the best value for your money. If you can’t commit to two full weeks of yoga, you can also choose to buy a drop-in single ticket for the Sunday night vinyasa class at 17:45. This class costs £8 and needs to be booked 30minutes before the class starts. You will receive a zoom call link to attend the class. You will need a mat or blanket and a computer or phone with audio output. You can choose to use your camera or decide to practise with your camera switched off.


Headstand Workshop

Would you like to learn how to do a headstand or improve your headstand skills?

13th of December 2020

10:00 – 11:15, 75 min for £15

This zoom yoga class will focus on preparation for headstand and will give you the opportunity to practice at home. I will explain the mechanics that help to stabilise your position and work toward headstand against the wall. You will get individual tips and exercises to continue your practice and keep developing your headstand skills.

With your booking, you’ll receive an email with 4 preparation exercises to start your strength training straight away! 

You need a mat, a cushion and some free space against a wall. To get individual tips it will be necessary to have your camera on. 


Ever since I started teaching yoga in East London I’ve had a lovely working relationship with Spitalfields City Farm. We had Candle Light Yoga events in the yurt in 2018, and started goat yoga in 2019. I’m hoping to run more of this exciting outdoor yoga in late summer 2021. We’ll practise goat yoga outside, surrounded by nature and under the blue skies. It will be a 45-minute yoga class with common yoga body postures and breath awareness. The goats will be with us, around us, and maybe on top of us! Goats are naturally curious and love climbing, jumping, and playing, and we will give them the playground to do that.

Practising yoga with goats has a calming effect on the mind and body. Being outside, feeling the air on your skin, smelling the flowers and grass around you is a mindfulness practice in itself and will connect you with nature. Having goats and maybe the odd cat around stimulates empathy, will make you feel good about yourself, and let you interact with others with kindness.


I’ve partnered up with Carole O’Leary, Running Coach and Community Guru. We ran a wonderful Yoga and Running weekend in Epping Forest in November 2019, and are planning more weekends to come. To stay posted about upcoming retreats, please sign up for my newsletter below: